25th anniversary

Port Deptford

elow, you will find a number of essays on various topics having to do with the Renaissance; some are Faire-specific, some are not. All are presented for the edification of our members and the general public.

Please contact the Webmaster if you have an essay you would like to include.

Peasant Life in Elizabethan England
By Richard Foss

Superstitions of the Elizabethan Era
by Richard Foss

Notes on Guilds and Professions
By Richard Foss

Character Planning Guide, Elizabethan Middle Class

Renaissance Food and Drink Bibliography
compiled by Elizabeth Pruyn and Angela Grimes

By the Numbers,
being a book review/commentary on Elizabethan economics and the plight of the Yeoman by Dewar Hastings

Tobacco is an Indian Weed
by King James VI of Scotland
St. Ives' Costuming Guidelines

Faire Survival Guide
by Donna Flood

St.Ives Historical Society Membership Policies and Theatrical Guidelines

Mother Watkins' Textile Primer
being an essay on textiles for the middle class
by Kara McLeod

 Period Needlework
being a gener'l description of many fine textile crafts
by Helen Abramovitch

The Veneroso Rules (a.k.a. The Faire Brat Rules)
being an essay on successful parenting at Faire, by three of the most successful Faire Brats we know. Required reading for all St. Ives parents and highly endorsed by the St. Ives management team.
By Christina, Nick, and Teresa Veneroso