25th anniversary


uring the course of a year, our group is involved in many activities from Renaissance Faires to school assemblies, corporate and special events. Also, we have gatherings throughout the year to renew friendships, build sets, rehearse and discuss business. Some of our scheduled activities are listed below. If you wish to join us for a meeting or activity, please contact a member. Or better yet, sign up to become a member yourself.

If you would like Saint Ives to teach or entertain at your event, please contact the Administrative Director or Assistant Director to discuss your interest and requirements. We can provide actors and musicians, weavers, millers, craftsmen and even a working forge.

Beasley gets a seat


Descriptions for our events can be seen by clicking:

Renaissance Pleasure Faire South Bert Lynn Middle School Age of Chivalry

Tournament of the Phoenix Nottingham Festival

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2015 Scheduled Activities
  2015 R. P. F. Southern - Build (weekends)
2015 R. P. F. Southern - Dress Rehearsal
March 7 - March 28
Details 2014 Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Knitting Contest - at fair
April 4 - May 17 weekends
Details Bert Lynn Middle School
Redondo Beach, CA (Private)
June 5th
Details Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
Las Vegas
October 9 - 11

Details Tournament of the Phoenix
Poway, CA
October 16-18
Details Nottingham Festival
Simi Valley, CA
November 7, 8, 14, 15

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