25th anniversary

Port Deptford

t. Ives Historical Society is a nonprofit corporation depending upon the generosity of our splendid members and most cherished community for support.  Much of our revenue derives from membership dues, performance compensation and fund raising activities.

Your Support for St. Ives Historical Society is greatly appreciated.

You can support our efforts in a variety of ways:

  • Enroll in a membership with SIHS

    Active membership - Become involved with our activities and performances

    Friend of St. Ives - Provide financial support without activity requirement
  • Shop Amazon.com for nearly every item you need

    Your purchases earn a commission for St. Ives when you use our link to Amazon.com.
  • Shop for unique items and gifts at our CafePress store

    Many items of interest await you at our online store. Caps, shirts, mugs and accessories can be ordered printed with your choice of a variety of images.
  • Make a tax deductible financial contribution to SIHS

    St. Ives Historical Society is a 501(3)(c) corporation. Please contact the Administrative Director or the Assistant Director for instructions on making a contribution. And check with your accountant to see if you qualify for a tax deduction.